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Foreign Exchange

At Griffin Financial we want you to get as much value from your holiday as possible. As a specialist dealer in foreign currency we can offer some of the most competitive rates around, meaning we're an excellent alternative to banks and bureaus de change.

Minimum total order value is £300, max order value per currency is £7500. Free delivery applies to orders £700 and above; orders below this incur a £6.50 postage charge. For orders over £2500 Griffin Financial will need proof of ID.

Currency Rate
Australian Dollar Australian Dollar 1.678 Buy
Barbados Dollar Barbados Dollar 2.601 Buy
Bulgarian Lev Bulgarian Lev 2.147 Buy
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar 1.641 Buy
Chinese Yuan Chinese Yuan 8.579 Buy
Croatian Kuna Croatian Kuna 8.245 Buy
Czech Koruna Czech Koruna 28.667 Buy
Danish Krona Danish Krona 8.265 Buy
Dominican Republic Peso Dominican Republic Peso 60.028 Buy
Euro Euro 1.120 Buy
Hong Kong Dollars Hong Kong Dollars 10.369 Buy
Hungarian Forint Hungarian Forint 338.113 Buy
Indonesian Rupiah Indonesian Rupiah 16908.361 Buy
Israeli Shekel Israeli Shekel 4.570 Buy
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen 148.836 Buy
Kenyan Shilling Kenyan Shilling 134.005 Buy
Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwaiti Dinar 0.397 Buy
Malaysian Ringgit Malaysian Ringgit 5.461 Buy
Mauritan Rupee Mauritan Rupee 42.950 Buy
New Zealand Dollar New Zealand Dollar 1.821 Buy
Norwegian Krone Norwegian Krone 10.329 Buy
Omani Riyal Omani Riyal 0.502 Buy
Philippine Peso Philippine Peso 64.302 Buy
Polish Zloty Polish Zloty 4.686 Buy
Singapore Dollars Singapore Dollars 1.787 Buy
South African Rand South African Rand 17.644 Buy
Swedish Krona Swedish Krona 10.551 Buy
Swiss Francs Swiss Francs 1.290 Buy
Thai Baht Thai Baht 43.396 Buy
Turkish Lira Turkish Lira 4.544 Buy
UAE Dirham UAE Dirham 4.877 Buy
US Dollar US Dollar 1.339 Buy

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